There is a cherry blossom blossoming somewhere in the world these days and that is what’s happening right now down under. Though I took these photos 3 weeks ago before I left for Canada these pink and white Sakura trees are still going on and are gracing the neighbourhood. Since I discovered these beauties in […]

Sheer Lace Top and Jeans Combo

That time of the year when the cold has mellowed down and the colours of the trees have begun to emerge again. One of the early bloomers is the magnolia tree which has graced our streets with its pink and white petals. I so love this time when I see it sprouting, maybe because of […]

Celebrating Springtime

Do you have a favourite spot in your city that you want to visit over and over again? You bet, I do and this is the area that me and hubby would frequent.  What not to love about this place? It has everything, a beach, historical museum and fort, cafes and restaurants and a scenic […]

Trench Coat at Bare Island

Knitted jumper was the first thing I bought when I arrived Sydney on a winter’s day so many years ago. It was some sort of a welcome gesture to myself and a solace to embrace the cold. I remember it was soft and cosy pink knit that stayed with me for several winters. A closet staple, everyone has a knitwear of any […]

Reasons to wear Knitwear

If there’s one piece of clothing that is always present in my wardrobe, it is the leather jacket. This jacket is a staple and has evolved into many different styles conforming to the trends of time. I have infact owned several of them (albeit mostly faux leather); with embroidery, with studs and of course the classic […]

Ways to wear Leather Jacket

I know, I’m such a red and pink avid wearer judging from my previous posts just because I find this colour combination feminine and refreshing. And now I’m taking this look to work which is a corporate environment except that I wear heels and with an addition of a plaid jacket. My friend and I […]

Red and Pink Outfit

I was thinking of writing posts about art installation three times already since I’ve been to 3 different installations but I kinda forgotten them and at the end only posted the photos in Instagram. So here, I roll them into one and focus more on the outfits since that’s what we really care about, don’t we all 🙂 Ever […]

What to Wear to Art Installation

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