I was thinking of writing posts about art installation three times already since I’ve been to 3 different installations but I kinda forgotten them and at the end only posted the photos in Instagram. So here, I roll them into one and focus more on the outfits since that’s what we really care about, don’t we all 🙂 Ever […]

What to Wear to Art Installation

On mid May we went for a weekend getaway down south for Mother’s Day and my son’s 5th birthday, I know I know any excuse for me to go on a mini holiday. Away from household chores and the monotonous cycle of surviving work and home routine. It was not an ordinary getaway though, we […]

The Cosiest Sweater

It’s maybe a cliché stating this but I’ve witnessed the best sunset in my life after quite some time. The last time I was mesmerised over a sunset was years back in the Philippines while the best sunrise I had was in Niagara Falls. We went to Victoria to see the Great Ocean Road at the end of […]

The Best Sunset

One of the dresses that I wore on repeat this summer was my striped linen dress, infact I wore it to our picnic by the beach and to this cult café in Sydney, the Social Hideout. Maybe you’ve seen this cute café already in my previous post but that was in a different branch. Yes, I have […]

Linen – a Summer Must Have

If there are key factors that contribute to a wonderful summer getaway it will be the sun and sand. Doesn’t have to be a blazing sun and a powdery white sand as long as it’s a moderate temp with fine sand to frolic around it would be a happy place for me. As we’re heading towards the […]

Fun in the Sun and Sand

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