One of the important things I learned as a mother is never to lose your inner child and that you can still have fun especially with your children. Sure, motherhood is a serious matter, raising and disciplining your children is a darn hard job but chilling out is equally important. Probably, that’s why there are school activities that involve […]

Pinafore Dress at a School Fete

By now you should know I’m a high tea addict 🙂 Any excuse for me to indulge on sweets, bond with a friend and wear my most loved dress at that moment I will do in a heartbeat. And this time I wore my stash of the H&M Kenzo collection. This H&M collaboration with Kenzo was […]

Kenzo x H&M dress at High Tea

One good and distinctive attribute of High Tea is that it a not designed for one person. How lonely could that be if you indulge in High Tea by yourself? It probably looks alright if it’s a buffet kind but it is more enjoyable if it’s a seat-in and shared with somebody or with a group of friends. A shared meal turns out to be always […]

High Tea in High Places

Whenever I visit a new city I want to go to the highest place where I can have an aerial view. If going to an observatory deck is not possible I would be happy to settle in the rooftop of the hotel that I am staying. The coolest rooftop that I’ve been so far is […]

Melbourne Skyline

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