The Cashmere Coat

Wisteria flowers blog

I admit I’m a bit slack sometimes in looking after my wardrobe. How could I forget I have this unworn cashmere coat lurking in my closet for almost a year now. I originally planned to wear it to my winter getaway in New Zealand but I forgot to pack it. Until 2 weeks ago I attended …

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Flower Power

Velvet Dress review

The best transition of the year for me is when the weather warms up, the flowers bloom and I am emerging from hibernation. Hibernating means living in coats, jackets, boots, tights and several layers. Indeed Spring is a refreshing and wonderful season, an apt time to clean and freshen up the house, to update the …

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Vivid Sydney 2018

Vivid sydney

One good thing that winter brings in Sydney particularly is it’s the time for Vivid again. This annual spectacular festival of light, music and ideas has garnered a worldwide attention every beginning of winter season of the Southern hemisphere. And this year is its 10th year illuminating the city with new light art and projection. Vivid starts at 6 to …

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Fruit Picking in Autumn

fruit picking in Autumn

One of my family’s favourite activities regardless of season is fruit picking although the kind of fruit to pick varies depending on the season. Autumn weather calls for Persimmons, the orange fruit that grows on trees and looks like a tomato. I only knew about this fruit when I came to Australia and quickly became one of …

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The Changing of Seasons

How to wear tweed skirt

The cold weather has progressed and my environment right now is a mixture of green, orange and brown. While I’m trying to adapt to the season by wearing layers and standing out by staying on the monochromatic colours my hair can’t help looking orangey just like the deciduous tree’s Autumn leaves. My hair doesn’t really get affected …

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