The Plaid Trend

Plaid dress review

The plaid trend has continuously reigned from the fall season to spring and I was excited to finally wore this plaid dress when we went to Mother’s Day lunch last Sunday. Sure, I looked overdressed for it but let the girl feel chic celebrating the biggest women event of the year. There something in plaids that gives a well …

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Beautiful Blooms

sydney botanic garden

It maybe Autumn now in Sydney but we never run out of beautiful blooms, in fact I visited this magnificent place in the heart of the city last Friday. Pollination is a free floral display at The Calyx in the Royal Botanic Gardens. This impressive display features a large collection of plants and flowers showcasing the role colour plays …

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A Day at the Bay

the gap sydney

I live in Sydney for almost 20 years now (I grew up in the Philippines) and apparently there are still popular spots that I haven’t visited yet. I don’t know what took me long to see The Gap but finally I went there together with my sis and mum last Saturday. The Gap is an ocean …

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Where to Stay in Sydney with Darling Harbour views

where to stay in sydney

Ok I have to be honest, when I look for a hotel these are the things I consider; the views, the swimming pool (when the weather is warm), the restaurants inside or near the hotel and the bed. I’m happy with Sheraton, Hilton and Shangri-La hotels for their sateen cotton sheets and signature bedding. For my review …

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How to set-up a Picnic?

how to set-up a picnic

Now that both ends of the world have a moderate and tolerable weather, hello Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn where I am down under, we can all agree to give ourselves a break and breathe a fresh air. It’s about time to go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature, God’s wonderful creation. …

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Afternoon Delight

where to have high tea in sydney

I’m taking a break from my summer outdoor posts as maybe I’m flooding my readers with summer adventures when some of you are stuck in the cold. But I shall be back with it soon, for the meantime let me babble about the High Tea experience I had with my aunties. I find it exquisite at the same time …

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Birthday Girl

how to celebrate your birthday

Guess who turned another year older last week, ohh it’s me 🙂 I chose not to mention about it in Instagram as I was waiting for the celebration photos. My family and I went to the beach last weekend as we normally do to celebrate my birthday. It’s fun for everyone, while they can eat and swim I spend …

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Happy 2018!!!

New Year's Eve party

We’re officially now in 2018, another year for us to enjoy and live life the way we want to. But as much as I’d like to live however I want, I need the Almighty’s guidance to help me make the most of it. I can’t be thankful enough for the blessings I had in the …

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