We're maybe entering the first week of winter but my heart is left in Autumn, indeed I have here my last post ... [continue reading]
One of my family's favourite activities regardless of season is fruit picking although the kind of fruit to pick varies depending ... [continue reading]
The cold weather has progressed and my environment right now is a mixture of green, orange and brown. While I'm trying ... [continue reading]
The plaid trend has continuously reigned from the fall season to spring and I was excited to finally wore this plaid ... [continue reading]
It maybe Autumn now in Sydney but we never run out of beautiful blooms, in fact I visited this magnificent place in the heart ... [continue reading]
It's beginning to feel like Autumn finally in Sydney and now you can catch me wearing jeans. The first jeans of ... [continue reading]
I live in Sydney for almost 20 years now (I grew up in the Philippines) and apparently there are still popular ... [continue reading]
Vinyl was not new when I was growing up but it was only confined to the living room as I'm talking about vinyl ... [continue reading]
Two of my kids loved purple when they were really little probably because of Barney the Dinosaur. Although it's quite unusual ... [continue reading]