How to Wear Pink and Brown

Pink and brown outfit

We’re all aware pink is one of the hot colours ever since it was one of Pantone colours of 2016 and until now. And what better way to wear pink than to pair it with a neutral shade, in this case wearing it with brown doesn’t only give off delicious Neapolitan ice cream vibes it also normalises the sweet girl effect. Sometimes, I actually don’t plan my outfit and just grab the pieces that haven’t seen the light of day which is true with this brown suede cape vest.

What to wear in the beach on winter Kiama blowhole review

I’ve had so many outings happening on the month of June that I ran out of outer wear, good thing I had this cape poking in my coat closet trying to catch my attention 🙂 I wore it when we went to Kiama which is a coastal town in the south of Sydney. It is popular for its picturesque beaches and seaside views and one of the main tourist attractions is the Kiama Blowhole. One tip when visiting a blowhole is to be in the spot when it’s high tide which we’re not so lucky because it wasn’t the case when we got there. But we had a good time nevertheless, we waited a little bit and had a late lunch in one of the best cafe around the area.

How to wear a cape

It’s the second time I wore this cape since I bought it 2 years ago, I thought it wouldn’t give me enough coverage against the cold. But I wore 2 layers of long sleeve tops so my arms would still be warm. And these OTK boots were always a surprise everytime I wear it as it always stays in place without redoing the laces at the back.

Kiama coastline how to wear brown and pink

It’s my first time actually to see this blowhole and it was fascinating to witness when the water spurted. There was no time interval when would it explode, I guess it’s just have to do with the tides. But I was happy to see it finally, visit this place the next time you’ll be in the south of Sydney. The white lighthouse is an added attraction, it adds beauty and contrast to your outfit of the day.

Kiama lighthouse Kiama Blowhole Kiama Blowhole