Blushing in Pink at the Central Park

Central park blog

Yes, Sydney has a Central Park too but not in acres and acres of land for exploration but an urban space occupied mostly by a mall and an outdoor area for leisure purposes. It’s located right in the heart of the city, very close to Central station and next door to a known university. How could I miss this building when it was a block away from my old work? But it wasn’t a popular hang-out spot back then and fast forward to today surely nobody will miss this eco-friendly edifice. From the distance one will be able to spot it because of its unique appearance with lots of green plants and ferns hanging from all four sides.

The mall has a good selection of shops including an ice cream place though we never had enough time to explore inside. There are many green-related decor and displays all around the mall including rotating chairs in the first floor and a table tennis room.

 I felt ecstatic when I saw this unique mall so I took my family there for a spin. Just in time when I needed a nice location to shoot this blush pink and black outfit. My embroidery obsession is going strong but who can blame me, the embroidered roses in this skirt is the one that makes the outfit stand out, isn’t it? And yes, the furry ears beanie is just too good to pass, I had to grab this one before it got sold out.

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Outfit Details:

Embroidered faux leather skirt from Sportsgirl (similar)
Knitted jumper similar
Leather look biker jacket similar
Bag from Oroton
Beanie from Sportsgirl
Boots from Sandler