Floral for Summer

What to wear on summer

If my previous post was lengthy this is completely the opposite 🙂 Taken after I had my haircut, hence, I was still halfway drinking my beet juice, I think I looked stress-free haha. I honestly, didn’t plan to shoot when I got home but I didn’t want the perfect wave in my hair gone to waste without being captured in the camera.

My new haircut blog

I think I’m the laziest person when it comes to hair styling, I just couldn’t be bothered. Perhaps I should. That moment after stepping out from my hairdresser was golden and even if these photos were unplanned I’d like to share it, I think I didn’t look bad.

Top Juice

This is how I normally dress on summer which could have a moderate temperature to very hot. As I’m writing this, we are in the midst of a 41° C heatwave. You surely have to keep hydrated, stay indoors and wear cotton. When I wore this dress it was the beginning of summer where we had the mid 20s. This is made of chiffon fabric and very light, I just love the frills in the top and bottom. But the light floral colour is mostly the winning factor which is cool to the eyes.
Burberry Orchard bag Floral summer dress blog
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Outfit Details:

Floral dress from Valleygirl
Wedges similar
Bag from Burberry