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I don’t know about you but when warm season is approaching I begin searching for pretty locations that I would like to go as soon as summer beckons. So starting from my previous post, you can expect me showing off the hot spots around Sydney.

Homebush shipwrecks Floating garden of Sydney

It felt good exploring my own backyard, convenient and cheap 🙂 This shipwreck is a hidden gem for photographers, I’m not a photog but I equally get delighted to score instagrammable locations for my blog’s sake.  It’s my first time to be here and it’s actually not far from where I live. In fact we just dropped by here on our way to the mall to get our last minute Christmas shopping.

Coach bag strap Homebush Bay Mangrove exploration City Studios dress

Hidden in plain sight, this wreck is called the SS Ayrfield which would have been an everyday steam collier back in its day. Today it is mesmerising, looking beautiful as it rusts away with lush greenery covering it, it truly has become a floating garden. There are actually 4 wrecks in Homebush Bay although I only saw 2, perhaps if I wandered more in the mangrove I would see the other 2.

Where to go in Sydney Shipwreck with trees SS Ayrfield shipwreck

As for my outfit, I was wearing a lace crop top and tulle mesh skirt that I picked up from City Studios when I was shopping at Macy’s Los Angeles. I was so much taken with the embroidery in the skirt and the scallop edges of the top when I saw this set back in LA. The sales lady had trouble finding for the exact pair and I waited quite long as I was set not to go back to my hotel without it. And finally, I got a strap for my mini Balenciaga bag from Coach. I bought this strap in San Francisco and I was so happy to see it as it’s just the right width and colour. This strap is from Coach rouge tea rose collection, don’t the floral appliques match well with the outfit?

Balenciaga bagSS Ayrfield shipwreck

Thank you for reading, you can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.

Outfit Details:

2 pc Lace top and Mess skirt dress from City Studios sold-out similar
Bag strap from Coach
Bag from Balenciaga
Sunglasses from Jessica Simpson