Flower Power

Velvet Dress review

The best transition of the year for me is when the weather warms up, the flowers bloom and I am emerging from hibernation. Hibernating means living in coats, jackets, boots, tights and several layers. Indeed Spring is a refreshing and wonderful season, an apt time to clean and freshen up the house, to update the wardrobe and to enrich your well-being. Nothing can represent this season more than floral patterns in all colours and green leaf prints.

What to wear on Spring Fendi Strap You

And in Australia we celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September right when Spring is hugely welcome. On Father’s Day this year instead of going out for lunch or dinner, my sis and I decided to have brunch at my niece’s new flat. And so we did, my niece prepared everything and her only requirement was for the girls to wear florals. She made an appetising salmon entree and the sweetest looking berry waffles.

What to do on Father's Day Father's Day celebration

As for the outfit, I was more than happy wearing floral, I had this bodycon velvet dress that I got from H&M LA that I haven’t worn yet. It was still quite chilly so the velvet fabric was just perfect. I used my Lady Dior bag and put my new Fendi Flowerland strap. Here goes to more flower power.

Lady Dior bagVelvet floral dress

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Outfit Details:

Floral bodycon dress from H&M similar
Lace-up shoes similar
Bag from Christian Dior
Bag strap from Fendi