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Paper daisies review

I’m lucky that my family loves to go outdoors, bring anything from the kitchen, spread the picnic mat then either eat or sleep under the tree. I’m not joking, we don’t have to buy boxes of donuts or macaroons for a feast in the grass, we’re there to bond and enjoy nature and sleeping after eating can be one of them.

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In my case, it’s a wonderful opportunity to find gorgeous setting for my blog posts and the best season to do that is Spring. Last Saturday, we had a picnic in Mt. Annan Botanic Garden where it unveiled a stunning display of Western Australian paper daisies. On show were rosy everlastings with their small, star-like flowers, deep pink fading into white.

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In September these were mostly pink but their current white silky petals were still a joy to look at. There were also bright yellow paper daisies that provide a lovely contrast.

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I thought my high low floral wrap dress would be perfect for the location. Though it was really hot that day there was still a bit of wind which made the dress sway showing the different lengths of the front and back. I brought 2 sets of sunnies to choose from since I wasn’t sure which one suits well with the flowers. I managed to wear them both, which one do you think suits more on this setting?

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Outfit Details:

High low floral dress from Atmos & Here similar
Flats from Chanel
Bag from Kate Spade