Backyard Tea for Two

Jasmine flowers review

Unlike my other garden posts where I had to pose and snap pretty quickly before a photo bomber appears, in this setting I had no competition. After cherry blossoms, tulips, daisies and jacarandas, it’s now the season for jasmine flowers and this time I didn’t have to go farther as this was shot in our backyard.

Sunday afternoons are meant for spending time with family and nothing could be better than an afternoon tea in my own garden. We’re pretty lucky when we purchased our house as this jasmine cove was already there. Hubby wanted to cut it down as he only promotes plants that provide food but I fought for it since it looks pretty and gives a fragrant smell in spring and summer, amirite?

And for a photo hog like me it gives a perfect backdrop where I can even write a whole content out of it, just like this. The flowers don’t last very long but a couple of months with it is enough to let it remain in our yard. I had an afternoon tea with my mum and this little boy who rather put berries on the cups than tea.

I was wearing a white summer dress with eyelets from one of my favourite Australian labels called Sabo Skirt. I slipped on white sandals from another popular Aussie brand Country Road. White colour reflects fresh and clean energy and I plan to wear it as the temperature rises up and up.

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Outfit Details:

White eyelet dress from Sabo Skirt
White sandals from Country Road
Pineapple bag from Zara
Leather bracelet and charms from Pandora