Grindelwald Swiss Village

Grindelwald Swiss Village

I haven’t mentioned about my 2019 goals yet because quite frankly I don’t have one. Nothing wrong to write down plans for the year, in fact it is the best thing to put into writing and check how you go. But if there’s one thing I want to do this year that is to travel and travel more.

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Having a growing family with children of all ages (I have teenagers and a toddler, beat that haha) travelling is not easy. My eldest will be taking HSC this year and we don’t want to drag him anywhere far so we’re thinking of going domestic only. We started it last December by visiting Tasmania, I published the Lavender farm on my previous post and this was the next place we went.

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On Christmas eve we checked out Grindelwald Swiss Village, a 20 minute drive from Launceston. Such a pleasant and charming place, the village is set on Tamar Valley Resort and has a range of activities, shopping and dining options. It has everything from bakery, chocolate café, restaurant, accommodation, its own lake and yes a game arcade. The boys were ecstatic that I didn’t fail to choose where to go this time and as soon as they saw it they rushed to the gaming consoles. The place was lavishly decorated with Christmas stuff, too bad we didn’t see the lights lighting up the whole place, it would’ve been so lively and festive.

I’ve read so much about this place, I want to see it for myself and shoot for my OOTD. And most of all, to find a nice place for our Christmas eve lunch. This place didn’t disappoint, everyone was happy and I was the happiest. Our lunch was superb, my seafood chowder was tasty and just right not heavy nor light. After lunch, we dropped by the chocolate café for ice cream, honestly, nothing can come between me and my ice cream.

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For my outfit, I wore this pink floral dress with a crisscross straps accenting the cut-out back from Bardot, a well known Aussie brand. I paired it with red sandals that boast a wrap-around ankle straps set atop a rope base. This combination is perfect against the summer heat. Finished it off with my Proenza Schouler Hava top handle bag and a boater hat.

Have you been to a place where you can find everything and feels like you’re in a different world?

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.


Floral dress from Bardot similar
Red sandals from Office similar
Bag from Proenza Schouler
Boater hat from Sportsgirl