Linen – a Summer Must Have

Linen dress review

One of the dresses that I wore on repeat this summer was my striped linen dress, infact I wore it to our picnic by the beach and to this cult café in Sydney, the Social Hideout. Maybe you’ve seen this cute café already in my previous post but that was in a different branch. Yes, I have to try visiting all the branches in different locations when I like a certain place, is it against the law 🙂

What to wear in summer

Linen had a resurgence in 2018 and is lingering on this year’s summer season. This natural fabric is a must have on warm temperature as it’s light and breathable needless to say it is comfortable. I was on the hunt for a cute linen dress in the beginning of summer and when I started not looking anymore I found it in the rack of TK Maxx and yes it was a good deal.

The problem with linen is it creases and wrinkles easily but we can embrace its unique trait by wearing the wrinkle with pride. I know, I should’ve taken these photos before eating in the café and sitting down for a long time but it is what it is 🙂

Social Hideout cafe review

But for now, I should leave you with tantalising and pretty looking food set in the coolest café. I tell you, I had a food coma after indulging on these treats. For the sweet tooth out there, here’s to a sugar and flower overload.

So have you added linen into your summer wardrobe?

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Linen dress from TK Maxx similar
Flats from Chanel
Bag from Vivienne Westwood