My Fiji Getaway – The Beach

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Back to my Fiji getaway, the beach story this time. I wasn’t aware Fiji is 2 hours ahead from Sydney, all the while I was thinking only 1 hour to add from the time in my mobile. So we woke up at 8am (but was really 9am) and headed for the beach. It was refreshing to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (never had one for more than a year since giving birth). Because my mum cannot walk in rough edges much more in big rock boulders she opted to stay in the sun lounger by the pool still enjoying the fresh sea breeze. The beach was accessible by going down on a wooden staircase which was quite steep.

Fiji Wyndham beach

It was a nice surprise when I stepped into the sand because it was warm and invigorating. Took myself some selfies and shots of the tranquil beach. The waves were gentle and soft which reminded me of most beaches in the Philippines. Very different from the ones in Sydney where it’s cold and rough, blame it to the Tasman Sea but good for surfing though. Fiji Denarau beach Fiji Denarau beach blog Fiji Denarau

After walking in the fine sand, I headed back to my mum then had a decent swim in the pool.

Wyndham Fiji pool

We still got a bit of time for a room-made breakfast which consisted of toast with peanut butter and honey, cornflakes with chocolate milk and hot tea with milk. All from the resort’s convenience store that was not so convenient at all as there was not many choices for a single breakfast items. Oh well, mum was not complaining anyway. On the process of getting dressed and hadn’t even packed up yet, a buzz from the door alerted us that a cab was waiting outside. I was wondering why it was an hour early only to get informed that it’s actually 1pm, my check-out time. Darn, I thought it was only 12. That was the quickest packing up time of my life and off we headed to Port Marina for lunch. What, lunch already? What kind of lunch to get from there? Another surprise unveiled to us since it’s really the first time to see the town and as expected it’s not so busy at all. The mall was dense with shops of all kinds including a Duty Free, souvenir shops and a handful of cafes. In the centre of the mall was a sunken stage and on that day being a Sunday there was an array of entertainment from the local artists. A live band was playing (the vocalist was really good) alternated with some traditional dances. I heard that it’s not every Sunday they have a public entertainment only that day to welcome the tourists aboard in the cruise ship that docked in the marina. Oh lucky for us then.

Fiji Port Marina Hard RockFiji Port Marina

Our lunch was a simple plate of fish, chips and salad with freshly squeezed juice which was not bad at all. An hour later it’s time to go to the airport for an earlier check-in so I can bide my time for a big shopping in the Duty Free. Wasn’t it nice to be early for once although very dangerous to my credit card since I got plenty of time looking around. Nevertheless, it’s all fun especially mother who was pleased going back and forth with me to Prouds and Tappoo stores. I bought cool stuff for the boys, souvenirs, Pure Fiji beauty products and my forever supply of dark chocolate nuts. Yes, I’m nuts with nuts, particularly when there’s dark chocolate in it.
And that concludes my Fiji weekend adventure. The wanderlust in me has awaken, oh yes, I plan to come back again and with the boys this time. So here was I cheering for this short yet awesome mini break. Bula!
Fiji Denarau resort blog
Oh what a feeling… Fiji!

Swimwear from Isola
White tank top from Zara
Stripes shorts from Kookai
Sunnies from Seafolly

Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them. – Psalm 69:34