Things to do in New Zealand – North Island Part 2

New Zealand travel review

Since it was Christmas time when we went to Rotorua there were not many people in the city itself but we were surprised whenever we went to a popular destination it was swarming with tourists. I think in 2009’s standard the entrance fees were pretty much high so high that I can’t forget how much this prawn we caught was (to see it please keep reading). So here are the other 2 destinations we went.

Huka Prawn Farm

Located in Taupo an hour ride from Rotorua you can find this prawn farm. We were so excited on our way there because we were thinking we can eat as many prawns as we want since you eat what you catch. It’s an all day entrance fee and for a family of 4 paying $50 was alright. We were only given bamboo rods with a hook and free baits. 2 hours have passed we didn’t catch a single thing, it turned out to be the hardest way to catch a prawn. When we almost gave up, hubby finally caught one and that’s what we ate for lunch haha. Until now we never forget our $50 prawn. In fairness, they had the yummiest prawn dishes we’ve ever tasted although every single thing in their menu was quite pricey. After lunch, we went to their fish foot spa that was over looking the pristine Huka Falls river. I guess that was the redeeming factor of this place. Yes, I will come back here again but I will bring a net to catch the prawns 🙂

huka prawn fishingprawn fishingprawnhuka falls rivertaupo huka falls river fish foot spahuka falls river fish foot spa

Wai-ó-tapu Thermal Wonderland

Visiting this place although in the middle of hot summer day was not a waste of time at all. This is what New Zealand’s all about, exploring the spectacular and most colourful volcanic area. We did enjoy viewing unique volcanic features as we walked at our own pace along well defined tracks. Wai-ó-tapu, a 20 minutes drive south of Rotorua, is an active geothermal area and is considered one of the 20 Most Surreal Places in the World. The natural bush setting, the Lady Knox Geyser erupting daily at 10.15 am and the nearby ever active Mud Pool add other dimensions to the experience. The walks through this unique geothermal area take between 30 and 75 minutes and provide a wide range of amazing photo opportunities that features including the world famous Champagne Pool, naturally coloured hot and cold springs, steaming ground, expansive vistas, huge volcanic craters and sinter terrace formations. I was glad we never skipped this natural volcanic park as I think it’s the highlight of our trip.

taupo lady knox geyserlady knox geyserwaiotapu rainbow craterbird's nest craterwaiotapu mapwaiotapu champagne poolwaiotapu champagne poolwaiotapu primrose terracewaiotapu geothermal steam

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