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hongkong disneyland review

Let’s be honest, majority of people travel to Hong Kong for the reason either to shop or to eat. For my family, it’s about having our first Disneyland experience. I guess, if you have children Disney’s famous tagline as the happiest place on earth will become a reality.

Hongkong Disneyland entrance Hongkong Disneyland blog

I warn you this actually didn’t happen recently, in fact we went to Hong Kong on March 2010. But for the sake of blogging, I would make a post here to compile all my travels and before we go to our next Disneyland adventure.

Disneyland fountainDisneyland fountain blog

I’m surprised I had pretty damn clear photos back then, I forgot what camera did I use here. So many cameras and mobile phones have come and gone already. We went there with the whole family as a stopover on our way to the Philippines. Stayed for 3 nights and one day was allotted just for Disneyland. None of the adults went inside with us, they just had photos in the entrance as they preferred shopping over it (bleh!). Lucky, my niece opted to be with us to help me managed the boys 🙂

Mickey Mouse in DisneylandMickey Mouse landscaping

Unlike any other theme parks, Disneyland’s edge over them is the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse though unlucky for us we missed their meet and greet for that day. Next time, I should check where these famous characters hang around to get a snapshot of them.

Tomorrowland in DisneylandHongkong Disneyland train

I have to be honest, as an adult my heart doesn’t get excited when I enter a theme park because to me it only means long hours of wandering around under the heat of the sun looking where to eat and where to pee next haha. It also means long waiting lines for the popular rides and food kiosks. But it’s all about the kids I guess and in fairness there are attractions that still entertain me and want my younger self to stay longer. One of them was the Small World, there was something in this children’s village that relaxes and calms me. Perhaps it’s the whimsical design and pastel colour styling that pulls me in reverberating in my head and making me sing along ‘It’s a small world after all’…

Small World DisneylandDisneyland castle

Another favourite spot would be the beautifully landscaped flower gardens scattered all over the park. The nice selection of colourful flowering plants arranged in certain designs gives visitors a perfect respite from the crowd. I know, I should have gone to Botanical garden instead but this just provides a balance between the man made machines and buzzing crowd.

Disneyland flower gardenHongkong Disneyland flower garden

Another therapeutic activity for me was the shopping even though it was limited to Disney’s merchandise and chocolates. But we did enjoy the experience and just like any other theme park adventure it was exhausting. We left the park when it was still daylight and no we never waited for the fireworks at 9pm. Can you imagine how draining would that be haha? Our faces were already like this photo below at the end of it all. I will still come back but most probably in another Disneyland, maybe the first Disneyland ever built in Anaheim, CA.

exhausted faces in DisneylandThank you for Visiting Disneyland sign

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‘Arise, shine, for your light has come,  and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.’ – Isaiah 60:1