Blue Cropped Jeans

Rosegal outfit review

I’m back again with another embroidered item but this time in jeans. I haven’t purchased jeans for quite sometime because when I do I make sure it’s not something similar to what I had in my pile of jeans. I can honestly say, I haven’t met a pair of jeans that I didn’t like :). And this recent one I got from Rosegal ticks the boxes, with pretty embroidery details, nice blue shade and comfortable which is the most important of all.

I think Rosegal is my new online shop that I will regularly browse from now on. Honestly, it has the latest trends with reasonable pricing, see it for yourself.

I paired the jeans with a deep blue Kenzo popcorn sweatshirt, oh nothing beats the comfort of classic style sweater. I used my new cross body Coach print calf satchel, it is so cute literally and figuratively.

 We stumbled into this local park yesterday and were surprised how nice it was. The mushrooms in the playground were just too cute to be missed. My toddler was so ecstatic to find another playground to play and was just crazy frolicking around. I was glad that I wore the most appropriate and comfortable outfit as it helped me keep up with him.

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Outfit Details:

Embroidered cropped jeans from Rosegal
Sweatshirt from Kenzo similar
Crossbody bag from Coach
Sunglasses from Prada
Boots from Ego