The Colourful City of Angels

What to do in LA

Apart from New York the city that I dreamed to visit the most was Los Angeles. So just like NYC we stayed here the longest, 5 nights to be exact. But when we hit LA, I was the only one who had the energy left to explore and see what the city could offer. Though we still managed to make the most of the last stop of our US vacation. Every corner in this quiet city was full of surprises, either I discovered a pretty wall art or a nice food joint.

Sheraton Grand Hotel

Exploring Downtown LA

Because we had so much time here and the boys didn’t want to go anywhere (aside from visiting LACMA which I featured in my previous post) we just walked around Sheraton Grand Hotel where we stayed looking for restaurants and shops. What I missed the most here was my afternoon shopping sprees in Macy’s which was right next to the hotel. The tallest building in LA which is the Wilshire Grand Center is also just around the corner.

Sheraton Grand Los AngelesMacy's Los AngelesWilshire Grand Center

Trust me, I find this fun to remember where we walked around aimlessly just absorbing the vibe of the city. We were not in a hurry whatsoever except for the rush to eat. Our most favourite restaurant in this area was Bottega Louie, an Italian restaurant and French patisserie. We had lunch and afternoon tea with my friend, and my kids and I kept coming back to grab their cheesy pretzels, lavender scones and macaroons.

Bottega Louis Los Angeles

Hollywood Tour and Movie Stars Homes Tour

When I was feeling hopeless that I won’t get anywhere in LA, I booked 2 tours with Starline company, the Hollywood tour and the famous celebrities homes tour. It’s only me who went this time to the delight of my boys for not dragging them anymore. For less than hundred bucks I got to see the shooting locations of blockbuster movies like the hotel in Pretty Woman, the church in Sister Act, the different studios along Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. I also got to tour around Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills to see the houses of Michael Jackson, Justine Bieber, Katy Perry and heaps more I can’t name all. The most exciting part was the drive along the narrow and steep Mulholland Drive with a breathtaking views of LA and San Fernando Valley. This tour was so convenient as they picked me up and dropped me off to my hotel.

Hollywood ToursStarline Tours

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The bad part of my Hollywood tours was I never got to set foot in Hollywood at all. So the next day I came back to the Walk of Fame with the boys this time. Love the experience even if it gets crowded in some areas. I found the stars of most of my favourite actresses without even looking for it. I guess I just got lucky for the little time we were in Hollywood Boulevard. It was so hot and humid we only stayed for 3 hours including souvenir and memorabilia shopping in La la Land and Marshalls. I was wearing the blue lace dress I bought in San Francisco and the pink straw hat I got from Macy’s.

Hollywood Boulevard blog Hollywood Walk of Fame blog La la land blog

If you want to view the Hollywood Sign while in Hollywood Boulevard go to the Babylon Court Yard. Although it is still too far that you have to zoom in your camera to get a clear picture of it.

And this concludes my USA tour, so glad that you have followed my adventure. Next week, I’ll be back with my recent fashion finds enjoying the sizzling summer down under. Ciao!

Hollywood Sign blog Babylon Court Yard Hollywood Hollywood blog

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Outfit Details:

Embroidered Faux leather jacket from Miss Selfridge
Pink jeggings from Zara
Pink sneakers from Windsor Smith
Backpack from Gucci
Blue lace dress from Midnight Doll
  Jacquard blue slides from Spurr
Black marmont bag from Gucci
Pink straw hat from Macy’s