What to wear in Disneyland

Disneyland California

I actually don’t know why I was wearing this outfit but it just felt right when I was in the vicinity of Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Not exactly to me but at least to my toddler. Perhaps it’s overrated, at $95 for the entry pass and almost $500 for the 5 of us, I hope we can stay longer and be like kids for the whole day.

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I was thankful my whole family was able to visit the original Disneyland, the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. It made me happy too for the wonderful photo opportunities present everywhere. You should have seen this little boy not taking his eyes off from Mickey Mouse bubble wand from the moment his dad gave it to him in the park’s entrance ’til we left. His 2 big brothers didn’t have interest of the park anymore except for the Matterhorn Bobsled. But on our first Disneyland adventure in Hong Kong (previous post here) these 2 older boys who were smaller back then were super happy with the experience. Seven years forward here I am again with another toddler, no I’m not gonna have anymore haha.

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Having kids indeed made me keep in touch with my inner child but I’m not here talking about having kids 🙂 I want to talk about how Disneyland remains beautiful and updated in art and technology. How people get attracted to it, to the products and merchandise, young and old we always find something our eyes get glued upon. I came wearing a baker boy cap but I ended up buying a Minnie Mouse headband just like most every female there. I thought hubby wouldn’t find anything to purchase for a change but suddenly he was grinning when he spotted Penny Lane shop so he can press his American coins to different designs and keep as souvenir.Smallworld Disneyland CaliforniaCoca Cola shop Disneyland Jolly Holiday Disneyland

I want to talk about my outfit too, I was elated when I saw this Mickey Mouse V neck cut-out shirt. Print tees are big these days and this was exactly what I wanted to wear, the cut-out detail made it more hip. I definitely needed it since it was so hot and that’s why I paired it with an embroidered denim mini skirt too. I was going to wear my pink Kenzo espadrilles to match my Kenzo x H&M bag but they were new and stiff and I didn’t want to end up with blisters. So I opted for a pink platform sneakers which I was glad I did as it made me enjoy the whole day with no walking pains.

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We only stayed for 3 hours as the heat was unbearable, it was our 2nd official day in the USA and we just came from the wintry Australia so the heat was a shock. Of course, we enjoyed the warm welcome 🙂 that we ate ice cream in every city we went. The next day after Disneyland, we left Anaheim and headed to a new city in a new state, please tune in for our next stop.

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This is a long post but I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.

Outfit Details:

Shirt from Missguided
Skirt from Missguided
Bag from Kenzo x H&M

 Sneakers from Windsor Smith