Fruit Picking in Autumn

fruit picking in Autumn

One of my family’s favourite activities regardless of season is fruit picking although the kind of fruit to pick varies depending on the season. Autumn weather calls for Persimmons, the orange fruit that grows on trees and looks like a tomato. I only knew about this fruit when I came to Australia and quickly became one of my favourites. It doesn’t taste like a tomato and that’s for sure because I don’t like tomatoes except when it’s on burgers. We try to do this activity every year, last year we did apple and orange picking.

Persimmon Picking review What to wear in the orchard

There is always a refreshing and invigorating feeling whenever I visit an orchard, no not only for the photo opportunity but being there to pick and choose the best fruit is somehow exciting. Maybe because I’m a fruit person rather than veggies, oh don’t judge me. I love my veggies too but being a sweet tooth I just love fruits any time of day plus it doesn’t require cooking.

What is persimmon Persimmon picking outfit

I didn’t realise the persimmon orchard would look really good in the photos and much in real life. On our way to the orchard I asked my sis if we can drop by a spot where there is an Autumnal activity going on with the orange and red leaves dominating the street. I didn’t know persimmon tree is deciduous, thus giving almost the entire area the exact vibe that I was looking for, oh silly me I didn’t do my research. I honestly wore this rainbow dress and my orange Celine nano bag to coordinate with the orange fruits, yet I got more than what I wanted. When visiting an orchard make sure to wear close shoes, sneakers or boots would be ideal to prevent harm in case you step on a twig. It was very sunny that time and we walked too much that I had to remove my jacket.

What fruit to pick during Autumn Fruit Picking in the Orchard

There were guys picking for the store when we were there with a truckload of fruits they harvested the whole day. And when we paid the fruits we got a little tour of the store too with the sorting machine operating. I would say, it was a sweet little adventure and a very colourful one.

Persimmon sorting machine The Persimmon Place Sydney

Watch my short video for a little tour around the orchard and the store. It’s less than 2 minutes, I promise 🙂

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Outfit Details:

Rainbow wrap dress sold-out similar here and here
   Bag from Celine
 Boots from Spurr similar