6 Things I learned from Blogging

Why do I blog

I’ve been blogging for 3 years in July this year and while I can say I’m enjoying the journey so far, there were times that I was asking myself why I am doing this. A lot of people were wondering how I’d find time blogging as I have also a full-time office job and a young family to take care of. There’s only one word I can answer and it’s Passion my friend with the capital P 🙂 Blogging is both fun and hard work for me and there are things I learned from it that I wouldn’t know otherwise if I didn’t start my own blog.

The things I learned from blogging Where to find adventure in Australia

1. Discover places that I didn’t know existed. Because of my desire to give interesting content I try to go to places that I’ve never been. It made me go out of my house and explore the great outdoors which I wanted to do for the longest time, however I got caught up with my work and the kids. But now I have a reason to and I am ecstatic each time. These cliff photos were taken in Lincoln’s Rock at the Blue Mountains, I tell you sitting on the cliff was the most exhilarating thing I’ve done adventure wise. I always get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about it. 

2. Hone my writing skills and creativity. I always love writing since I was really young. I remember I had pen friends back in grade school and high school all over the Philippines. I also contributed to the company’s papers when I started working after uni but then fizzled out. This blog lets me embrace once again that desire for writing and even more because this time I have to think of creative ways to make my content and layout appealing and interesting.

Photography location in the Blue Mountains What to do in Blue Mountains

3. Look after myself physically. Now, this could be bad if I will do it excessively and become narcissistic. What I mean here is to pay attention to myself like not over eating which is good for my health and at the same time not looking bloated on my next photo shoot. Balance is still key, if I get no time or budget to go to a salon to cover my regrowth or polish my nails at least I now learn how to do it myself. As my blog name suggests, stay fabulous while being busy. 

4. Promote tourism in my country. Seriously, Tourism Australia should pay me for taking magnificent photos of Sydney and the surrounding areas just like these jaw dropping shots of Jamison Valley and the expansive Blue Mountains. And for luring in visitors to come but I love Australia so I do it for free haha.

Blue Mountains Eucalyptus trees Jamison Valley

Extreme adventure in the Blue Mountains

5. Keep calm and cool, it’s only a blog. Whether you take pictures for your blog or for Instagram or Facebook, don’t take it too seriously, it’s only social media. Because I take too much pictures and I don’t hire a photographer I noticed that my hubby or my sons don’t like to go out with me as they used to. And so I plan ahead which spot I exactly want my photos taken. I take the first picture and show them what I want to achieve. Now, I’ll try to be content with 10 to 20 photos for each location instead of a hundred. And if it still fails, I resort to Adobe Lightroom to enhance the vibrance or colours. But if you can afford for a professional photographer, by all means hire one and take as much photos as you like.

What to do in Blue Mountains

6. Explore the food scenes around my city. I admit each time I explore my city I also get to eat in the most popular café or restaurant in the area and I love doing this every time. Not only for the photos so I can include it in my blog but I get to bond with my family or friends over a sumptuous meal. After going to the Lincoln’s Rock for these amazing Blue Mountains shots, we went to the Chocolate Company for a warm drink. And look at these sweets and deconstructed hot chocolate, aren’t they amusing and mouth watering?

Deconstructed hot chocolateBlue Mountains Chocolate Company review Chocolate House Blue Mountains

I hope you’ll watch this 1 minute video I filmed at the Lincoln’s Rock that I published also in my Youtube channel. See me creeping into the edge waahh 🙂 Please subscribe 🙂

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