Launceston Suspension Bridge

What to wear in suspension bridge

On the previous post, I was having a picnic on the river’s edge overlooking the suspension bridge. While this time I was walking along the bridge with my boys in tow. I tell you, I was quite nervous when we were approaching the bridge hesitating what if it would collapse. Thank God, it didn’t so I was able to capture these photos and have a story to tell 🙂

Like any other suspension bridge this one in Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania was wobbly too and I couldn’t wait to reach the other end. But I had to take considerable number of photos first forcing myself to smile. This whole park has a number of walking trails but we only made a loop from the entrance to the bridge down to the other side where the stream was and back to where we came from.

 The gorge is really a sight to behold but quite scary to look down. The trail path from the bridge to the stream is manageable even for little kids and the stream looks refreshing and calming at the same time. The water is within your reach if you want to, it is a place when you want to be on your own admiring nature and observing people on the chairlifts above.

I was wearing this pink paisley print OTS top and denim shorts with scallop design. While tees are comfortable with shorts, I chose a blousy top with ruffle sleeves for more fun and girly look. I prefer to carry a crossbody bag in this kind of activity. Finished it off with sneakers for more comfort and a bit of sporty vibe.

This is the only place we went twice in any holiday so far and it was worth every minute of it.

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Paisley print top from Girl & the sun
Denim shorts from H&M similar
Sneakers from Vans
Bag from Gucci
Sunnies from Rubi