Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

What to wear on Valentine's Day

Red playsuit review

Another year, another Valentine’s Day! If you are keen to celebrate this day with your lovey or with your gal pals and you’re living in a warm climate like me this can be your outfit inspiration. Otherwise, this can be a playsuit or romper lookbook when your chance to wear rompers come.

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day colour than red and because red and pink are a dream pair I carried a pink purse to go with my red playsuit. Boy, I was glad to find these wildflowers growing in the park when hubby and I drove around looking for a place to shoot. It was unexpected at all, talking about pleasant surprises awaiting for you just in the next corner.

This white playsuit with long cut-out sleeves has more dinner vibe than the red. It went well with silver accessories that toned down a sparkly appearance. Well, it will go with anything actually after all rompers are fun and playful outfits. I wore wedges for both looks as they are really comfortable and I can stand on my feet for a longer time.

My niece and I took these photos immediately after the rain as the droplets were still fresh and visible in the Agapanthus flowers and leaves. I worried it will turn out misty and gloomy as it was in the late afternoon and the sun was about to set. But I learned that I shouldn’t worry too much as there’s beauty in every moment, who knows it will only add drama to every photo that you take. Case in point, these pictures are a living testament, I know right?

Spring and summer in Australia are perfect seasons to snap photos as flowers bloom in every street. Even our trees have flowers, you’ll just be surprised what colour of the flower a particular tree would bear especially if you haven’t been observing your surroundings.

So how do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you think it’s hyped and just a chance for florists to sell flowers at an exorbitant prices?

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.


Red playsuit from Temt similar
Pink bag from Kate Spade
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Black bag from Balenciaga