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Gorman dress review

Our warm weather is slowly drifting away and I’m the saddest. I guess our turn has ended and pretty soon my friends in the opposite side of the world will be enjoying it. But before it’s gone for this season we went to the beach that we’ve never been before. It’s only 2 hours away from Sydney and was a really different place from what we used to. Because what is summer without discovering new beaches.

My whole squad (aka my big family) went to see Caves Beach and had a picnic, our favourite summer activity. But before showing the beach pics, I have to show the dress I was wearing which had the most beautiful colours. It’s from a popular Australian brand called Gorman which is known for its eclectic mash up of quirky prints, patterns and vibrant colour combination. This is my first Gorman dress though I’ve been eyeing this label for quite sometime now. I was waiting for a print and style that will speak to me and when I saw this dress in one of their boutiques in Sydney I knew this was it.

As for our Caves Beach exploration, we were never disappointed at all. After our lunch where we did a barbecue in the picnic area we headed to the southern part of the beach. Caves Beach is a network of sea caves which can be explored at low tide. The place had a spectacular rock formations and there were various rock pools of different sizes from the smallest to ones big enough for a dip. The caves came in different sizes too. The biggest cave had a small opening inside which can fit one person to pass through like a door way to another world. You should check my Instagram post to see the video or you can see it here.


I’ve only been to the beach 3 times this summer but our visit to Caves Beach was so fun that made up the time we lost of not going to the beach frequently.

So what do you plan to do when summer comes again next time?

the best beach in Sydney

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Dress from Gorman
Candy bag from Furla
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