What to Wear to Art Installation

wwhat to wear to art installations

I was thinking of writing posts about art installation three times already since I’ve been to 3 different installations but I kinda forgotten them and at the end only posted the photos in Instagram. So here, I roll them into one and focus more on the outfits since that’s what we really care about, don’t we all 🙂

Nick Cave's art installation review

Ever since the hype of social media especially Instagram, we are always on the lookout for the coolest location to shoot our ootd and the art galleries couldn’t escape from that hunt. It would be better if it’s a free entry but even the $25 entrance fee can’t discourage us as long as we can get ultra cool photos. I should mention there are still people who go to art galleries for a genuine love of art but if you go there for your social media feeds might as well complement it with an artsy outfit. And while there, immerse yourself with the concept of the installation because there is actually a purpose of why it is there.

1. Wear a maxi dress

The latest installation I went was Nick Cave’s over the top artwork called ‘Until’ where there were thousands of spinners descending from the ceiling in the form of teardrops, disks, guns, bullets, etc. It’s a work of many parts that incorporates thousands of shiny, ornamental spinners and millions of coloured beads.

Maxi dress review

I chose to wear a maxi dress to go along with the hanging installations and somehow elongate my short built. It was fun wearing this tiered ruffled maxi as it swayed when I made sudden movements just like the hanging spinners.

Carriageworks art installation

The centrepiece of the artwork was a cloud raised high off the floor that displayed a cornucopia of kitsch at the top while the underside of the cloud was a cluster of glass chandelier. It looked so fancy, a real perfect location for a glam look. Too bad, there were just too many people and I couldn’t make them disappear in my photos. The installation was at Carriageworks in Sydney.

2) Wear layers

I went to Art Gallery of NSW one cold day to view Nike Savvas’ room installation called ‘Atomic: full of love, full of wonder’. It was comprised of a shimmering haze of vibrating coloured balls, suggesting the very atoms that were the fundamental structural units of all things.

Nike Savvas art displayArt Gallery NSW review

It was on a winter’s day so I wore layers and while it gave me warmth it also gave me a chance to show another outfit for the other displays in the museum. Perhaps it doesn’t seem much but to instagrammers out there it is a big deal being able to post 2 kinds of outfits from one event. Light layering is still possible if the event falls on a warm day.

What to wear to art galleries

3) Wear similar colour theme

The last one I went to was at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney to see an exhibition by a Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist called ‘Sip My Ocean’. She’s known for her experimental video art and multimedia installations where she used video and sculpture to immerse viewers in colourful projections. I was particularly interested with the piece of light art called Pixelwald (Pixel Forest) which imagined a TV screen exploding in a room. The pixels were represented by lights hanging from the ceiling that twinkle and surge in response to music.

Pippiloti Rist art display review

I decided to wear the same colour theme as the installation which had a lot of deep red at one point. You can also wear something that contrasts the colour theme but for me I wanted to blend in with it.

What to wear to MCA Sydney

Have you been to art installations? Do you have a tip on what to wear?

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