Sheer Lace Top and Jeans Combo

Where to see Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

There is a cherry blossom blossoming somewhere in the world these days and that is what’s happening right now down under. Though I took these photos 3 weeks ago before I left for Canada these pink and white Sakura trees are still going on and are gracing the neighbourhood. Since I discovered these beauties in our local streets I never skipped a year not posting about them.

This time I was thinking of wearing jeans instead of a floral dress like my other cherry blossom posts. White jeans for me are refreshing and go really well with pink flowers like my magnolia post.

 For the top, I wore a pink sheer lace with ruffle detail. Although I got this blouse 2 years ago this trend is still going strong. And I like the look of the delicate top and jeans combo, a contrast that somehow works well together. 

Lastly, I didn’t mean to shoot a day and night photos of cherry blossoms but the story was, I went to my niece’s house where these shots were taken then we both went to Inflatable World for our little kids to play. When I checked the photos I felt like it wasn’t enough so we shot them again when we came back. And look how they turned out to be, aren’t they cool and dramatic?

I have to mention my Lady Dior patent bag and the flowerland strap you from Fendi which I find to be in sync with the flowers. And I finally strutted my hot pink sneakers, I never thought I could wear them without looking so trying hard. What’d ya think?

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Pink sheer top from Chicwish similar here, here and here
Pink sneakers similar
Bag from Dior
Bag strap from Fendi