Top Places to go in Edmonton

What to do in Edmonton

If you’ve been to Edmonton then you could relate with my post. My Edmonton visit was only a side trip for me in between Banff and Vancouver. I had to go there because my friends whom I travelled with would be going. Oh well, I thought I might go as well.

Where to go in Edmonton

So I didn’t have much expectation to say the least, all I was hoping was to have a sunny and warm day. I was planning to wear dresses, after all it was still summer. We were driving from Canmore to Edmonton which was approximately 4 hours not including my 2nd time breakfast at Tim Hortons. Rain greeted us as soon as we reached the area but it didn’t matter as we headed to the largest shopping mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall. And who can’t say no to shopping, certainly not me!

So here are the places that made my stay at Edmonton really memorable.

1) Shopping Malls

West Edmonton Mall was a delight, I really had an awesome time with my friends looking to buy backpacks for my boys. We went from one end of the mall to the other, it was huge. There was a replica of Santa Maria ship in the water park which could be rented for events. I was happy enough to snap photos as the water looked crystal clear, don’t you agree?

West Edmonton Mall review

Another mall we went was the Southgate Centre which I certainly had an easy shopping experience. It was a breeze finding the luggage that I wanted at Hudson’s Bay department store as the whole centre wasn’t crowded. We also went to Premium Outlet Collection Edmonton International Airport where I lost myself finding cute stuff at Kate Spade shop.

Where to shop in Edmonton

2) Walterdale Bridge

I find this modern bridge really pretty, it adds flair to Edmonton’s skyline. Our guides who were my friend’s friends took us there first thing on our second day and it was such a pleasant time. Walking leisurely along the bank of North Saskatchewan River was a breath of fresh air.

Walterdale Bridge Edmonton review Edmonton Scenic spot

3) Legislature Building

I was impressed with the structure and size of this building and the garden was wonderful. So good to visit here on summer where the flowers bloom and the water fountains were amusing. We had a very nice time on the grounds, so peaceful and relaxing.

Top places to go in Edmonton Edmonton Legislature Building review

4) Rogers Place

I know I’m the last person to talk about sports as I never have a sporty bone in my body but hey when you’re travelling you get to indulge and immerse yourself with the locals’ culture and interest. And it turns out that people in Edmonton are crazy about ice hockey especially the Oilers team. Rogers Place is the home to the Edmonton Oilers and also the venue for some of the biggest concerts, shows, and special events. We went inside Rogers Place with our cute Edmonton shirts (thanks Tito Ray!) and we even caught an ice hockey match. What fun!

Edmonton Rogers Place reviewFun things to do in Edmonton

My Edmonton trip was nothing but fun and easy experience, so many nice people I’ve met who also became my friends. Surely not forgetting to mention the best soy cappuccino I’ve had during my travel at the Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (thanks Dexter and Irna!). Another group also treated us for dinner, how awesome were these people!

As for my outfit, since I didn’t have the chance to wear my dresses I ended up getting this mustard yellow knitted top from Forever 21 at the Premium Outlet. My denim jacket was my friend in this trip, I didn’t expect I would wear it too often, the weather in Canada even during summer was unpredictable.

Have you been to Edmonton Alberta? What was your experience like?

where to eat in Edmonton Alberta

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Denim jacket from Sportsgirl
Yellow knitted top from Forever 21
Backpack from Louis Vuitton
Jeans similar
Sneakers from Piper