How to Welcome the New Season

How to welcome the new season

I don’t normally show my entire house here in my blog but this is a special occasion as it is a celebration of the new season. In Australia, we are anticipating the coming of summer while on the other side of the world winter is approaching. Which ever season you are in there is always a reason to celebrate to escape from being a couch potato, from dusty furniture, dingy bathrooms and dark rooms.

Here are ways that I live by every time I feel my house deserves a treat, after all if we find time to pamper ourselves our shelter definitely needs one too.

1) Hire a professional cleaning service

If you think this is a waste of money because you can do it yourself, think again! These people are a pro in removing oven grease, bathroom mildew, ceiling moulds and other grimey surfaces. I am so glad Fantastic Services offered their expertise in cleaning my place from the dirt and grime left from my mum’s birthday party a day earlier. They just rescued my sanity on time! Aside from the party mess, my bathrooms need a proper scrubbing from the stubborn mould which I thought was permanent hehe. Moulds in the walls and ceilings are hazardous for breathing and must be removed and these cleaning guys were just awesome to hear me out and prioritise my concerns. They came early and were very polite. Most of all, they left my place spotless and sparkling clean. Fantastic Services is a one-stop shop for all home services, their One-Off cleaning was an excellent choice as it’s what I exactly needed. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne and want to get $20 OFF your first booking simply enter the referral code: busyandfab when creating your account or sign up using this link.

Professional cleaning service review

2) Put on new curtains

After the windows were cleaned by the Fantastic Services team I was tempted to leave it bare as it was squeaky clean and clear. But I have to dress my windows with fresh curtains to shield from the sunlight and from my neighbour’s prying eyes haha. Besides, curtains evoke a certain feeling or mood. It also helps the light and heat from escaping especially during cold season when the A/C is at work.

3) Bring in the fresh flowers

We all know flowers can brighten our mood and it goes without saying it can brighten the room too. Flowers can compliment the interior design and just make the ambience beautiful. Get the season’s flowers so your place will display a variety of fresh flowers year in year out. I have to thank my niece for making this pink flower arrangement in my dining room, isn’t it pretty?

4) Burn scented candles, use diffusers

If you’re a home décor enthusiast, you know candles can pull a room together. But my purpose of lighting candles is to spread that divine scent in my house. It does not only ward off bad smell but like flowers and curtains, it does set the mood too. I like to put different candles in every room, light it for an hour though not all together at once especially if they have different scents. For my bathroom, I alternate candle with reed diffuser as it lasts longer. And for my bedroom, I prefer lavender oil to burn it in a candle diffuser. The lavender smell alleviates stress and promotes better sleep.

reasons to use candles and diffusers

5) Celebrate the season

What is the use of doing all of the above if you don’t get to enjoy your time and celebrate the season? We all have different ways to celebrate but for me I make sure I get to do what I wanted to do. After a massive cleaning done in my house, I treated myself to an afternoon tea and just enjoyed looking at my spotless floor, rooms and windows. Nothing beats that feeling actually although I have to be careful not to create a mess while eating haha. And because Fantastic Services did the cleaning for me, I got more time to do other important things. My whole family attended a cousin’s wedding where I wore this velvet floral dress. And finally, I found and bought my first Golden Goose sneakers. This floral hi-star design gets sold-out quickly so I’m glad I spotted and snagged it faster than lighting.

So how do you welcome the new season?

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Floral velvet dress Forever New
Shoes from Valentino
Quilted bag from Chanel
Floral sneakers from Golden Goose