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H&M knitwear review

If you have no Instagram account, I can say you have 50% less headache so don’t start it. Seriously, social media should only be there to inspire us and give us information for our own benefit. Which is actually the main intention when we open up an account. But the more you’re into it the more chance you dip your toes into troubled waters if you are not careful.

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Instagram is incredibly addictive, it started from admiring posts of my favourite blogger then following her. I wasn’t very active with it then but when I started my blog, Instagram was a great tool to promote it. So I kept my IG posts updated and my engagement active. The more I was into it though the more I felt small when I see other bloggers with great following and massive likes. No matter how much I reminded myself this is not real world and I’m actually pretty doing well in real life, no reason to feel this way.

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But maybe it’s our human nature not to give up easily and try our best that even if there was no real competition I felt that I had to compete regardless. I thought that maybe if I go to incredible places, if I wear designer brands and I have the dreamiest looking filter I would increase my following and the likes will just shoot up. Fair enough, my statistics changed somehow but not as much as I’ve expected. It still depended on my engagement how many times I like other posts and leave comments which actually left me exhausted and manipulated. How crazy! I was just thankful that I didn’t consider buying followers and likes, how sad would that be!

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Eventually, I came to my senses and that is to be true to every picture that I posted. If I go on holidays, I make sure I go there for enjoyment and not for Insta-fame. If I buy designer item it’s because I truly like it and it will make a good addition to my collection. As for the filter, I stick to my goal in life, the clearer and more vibrant the better. I still love looking at dreamy filters from other people and I’m happy that there is diversity.

As for Instagram side, I’m happier that they make vital changes that I think are beneficial to most users. These are the removal of the number of likes (at least where I’m located) and the deactivation of accounts that have suspected third party intervention such as subscription of likes and followers. It may not still be the perfectly happy place to be in but I think it will be heaps better if we have the right mindset to start with and keep.

So what is your social media journey? How about my outfit, do you like these ribbed knit jumper and skirt from H&M?

H&M outfit review

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.


Outfit Details: 

Ribbed top from H&M
Ribbed skirt from H&M
Bag from Balenciaga
Bag strap from Coach
Flats from Chanel