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On mid May we went for a weekend getaway down south for Mother’s Day and my son’s 5th birthday, I know I know any excuse for me to go on a mini holiday. Away from household chores and the monotonous cycle of surviving work and home routine. It was not an ordinary getaway though, we planned for a weekend of fishing or so we thought.

We arrived at our accommodation around 4pm after 4 hours of being on the road and barely got time to settle in before the sun would set. It was fronting a beach with a bit of a walk to the water where it was one of the sweetest moments in my life. You see, I love discovering new places especially when it involves beaches and water scenery. The beach was massive and deserted so it was all to ourselves. There was still sun when we got there, hence I was still wearing sunnies. 

After taking a dozen of photos the golden hour came and we had to hurry and finish snapping. I thought our photography was done but the twilight gave us a different perspective. The soft sunlight hit the waves and made them sparkle and beam. It looked magical, first time to witness something like that. Maybe I just have to stay near the beach more often and pay attention.

I wore the cosiest jumper I’ve ever had, the fabric was so soft and warm. It’s from an Australian brand called The East Order which hailed from the famous Byron Bay. I hope I can visit that place real soon and scout all the hip clothing brands that are making names at the moment. I also used my cutest backpack from Tommy Jeans, it was very light and soft too it felt like I didn’t carry anything at all. And I wore my pompom shoes from Betsey Johnson which I scored from Macy’s on my last visit to LA, it added a bit of fun to my outfit and coordinated well with the backpack.

It was only me and hubby who went to the beach and the place was a romantic setting even for just a little while. Too bad we had to go back to our accommodation because we left the kids on their own. We rented a 2-bedroom bungalow with amenities like swimming pool, peddle bikes for children, bbq area and spa.

My niece, her family and my mum also rented a bungalow nearby and we planned to go fishing first thing the next day. Hubby got up early and started rolling towards the fishing spot, he went back after an hour even before anyone else can follow. It turned out to be a disaster as the area was full of people who walked their dogs regularly. The dogs took his bucket full of bait, thus ended his fishing trip, oh well!

But the whole getaway was fun nevertheless. Witnessing moments like magical sunsets while being with your loved ones is priceless.

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Outfit Details: 

Knitted jumper from The East Order
Shoes from Betsey Johnson
Backpack from Tommy Jeans

From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised. – Psalm 113:3