New Year Fest

New Year Outfit

How’s 2019 treating you so far? And what are your entries on your new planner or diary? First week of the new year is almost over but I’m still living on what happened on the NYE or NYD celebrations. I chose to put this as my first blog post as this defines my blog category where lifestyle and fashion can be fused together. It also shows my passion for family gatherings especially on worldwide events, family is king.

We made it a point to celebrate New Year with my big family as we missed it on Christmas. We went to my niece’s place as her flat is high up and has a good view of the fireworks. I found this ‘Love My Squad’ mini light board, isn’t it the sweetest and the cutest? I wore this gold metallic dress and flats to go along with the sparkles and lights.

I honestly believe that festivities belong to the children the most as they are the ones who welcome it with pure hearts and intentions. They get to enjoy it the most too though they can’t put down their gadgets sometimes 🙂

I like wearing polka dot outfits during New Year’s day, I’m not Chinese but it’s just been my tradition. And this red and white jumpsuit was on my hit list since polka dot trend came back last year. And what else, red is still my favourite colour so it’s a win win.

Wishing you the best year ever! Hope everything that you wish for will come true this year. Dream big, work hard and have fun. Let’s do it all!

What to wear in New Year's day

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First Outfit:

Metallic gold dress similar here and here
Gold shoes similar

Second Outfit:
Polka dot jumpsut from Missguided
Quilted bag from Chanel