Bold Blossoms at the Beach

Dark florals for autumn

Quay Australia sunglasses blogIf there’s one trend that seems to never go away year in year out it is the floral prints. And this year it’s even getting bolder and some with a little bit of sheer. When I got this black sheer long dress with bold blossoms from Nastydress late last year I was so ecstatic only that I couldn’t wear it right then because it’s freaking hot down under. Nastydress blogAnd now that we are entering the Autumn season I can take out those long dresses albeit in thin fabric. Even though the weather starts to cool down and has been raining every other day nothing was stopping us from going to the beach. Hey, we were only taking advantage of the remaining warm air and as long as our lips won’t turn blue while swimming it is all good.How to wear a floral dressFloral wrap dressAnd that’s exactly what we did yesterday, my family had a picnic at one of Sydney’s northern beaches. We planned it for summer but the heatwave weekends didn’t give us a chance so it’s been dragged and dragged. For my picnic story please come back and check it out on my next post. But for now, doesn’t my floral wrap dress look cute in the beach setting?What to wear in the beachWhat to wear to picnicWe were hoping for a rain-free day and although the forecast said mostly cloudy it still eventually rained. Why nobody ’til now can predict the weather accurately? Everything went on a faster mode when we were taking pictures from wiping the camera lens to fixing my hair :). But it was so fun and the dress still delivered what it’s supposed to do from protecting me from cold air to looking pretty nicely against the wind and rain.

 Sydney Northern beachNastydress review

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Outfit Details:
Floral dress from Nastydress
Sunglasses from Quay Australia