Picnic at the Beach

What to wear to the beach

This picnic was long overdue and even if it’s a month past my birthday and is already Autumn my family still went to the beach for my birthday celebration. It wasn’t a sizzling day unlike the one we had last year but it was still sort of good day with a bit of drizzle. I’m actually lucky my sis and my nieces love going outdoors so my picnic accessories didn’t go to waste. I was thinking of a pineapple theme but with a limited time flat laying and snapping I just have to make do of what I got. Stay and see what happened 🙂 

H&M white dress

For the first time we went to Clontarf Beach which is a northern beach of Sydney. Being me where I don’t really bring anything from home except my homemade chunky choc chip cookies I decided to get almost everyone a cup of coffee from this little cafe in the area. The café was all painted in white that matched really well with my off-shoulder cover up dress. And how pretty is this coloured straw bag that my cousin gave me from the Philippines?

Straw bagClontarf beach cafe

It probably be the last beach hangout until summer season starts again, the dress served really well against the coldish air. Unlike most Sydney beaches which are open seas and good for surfing this beach is quite secluded and is really perfect for families with children. On the other end is a marina where loads of boats were moored.  

Blue one piece swimsuitBlue one piece swimsuit

Lace-up pieces have been trending from tops to shoes and so when I saw this one-piece swimwear online I grabbed it immediately. Honestly, it has the cutest lace-up back details I’ve seen.

Blue straw hat Quay Australia sunglasses

 Of course we had savoury meat dishes and other sweets courtesy of my sister and my niece. But because everyone was hungry and there was no space to put down everything including my pineapple props I just had to snap photos with the cake and the ornaments. But it still looks good, doesn’t it?

Clontarf beach Picnic at the beachMorrisday the label playsuit

I never had the chance to light the candles because it was beginning to pour down heavily. So when I got home hubby set up a mini table for me to blow the pineapple candles. After all, it doesn’t feel you had a birthday celebration ’til you made a wish 🙂

Pineapple picnic accessoriesBirthday girl blog

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.


Outfit Details:

White dress from H&M
One-piece swimwear
from Atmos&Here
White playsuit from Morrisday the Label
Straw hat from Ace of Something
Sunglasses from Quay Australia