The Oversized Shirt

Oversized Trend

I was always the one who shied away from oversized clothing, I felt like I look like a dwarf when I wear one. Now that the oversized trend is going on, I tried once again how I look like in this cream coloured hoodie for a start. But I like it, not bad at all especially because of this eyelet lace-up shoulder detail.

Embroidered Sneakers

And as we should know, balance is always the key in fashion or anything in life. Likewise, to balance out this oversized shirt I paired it with a skinny jeans for the outfit to not drown me. I also wore these embroidered sneakers, aren’t these pretty?

Nora NYC Sunglasses How to wear the oversized trend?

It also helps that I wore a cross body bag so it kind of hugged me and gave a leaner silhouette. But there really isn’t a problem with looking bigger when sporting an oversized outfit because that’s what it’s all about. Just wear it with a smile and confidence.

Celine Nano bag Riders skinny jeansMissguided ShirtIn the distance is Celsius Cafe on the jetty.

In my previous post where we had brunch at this café by the sea, we parked our car in the lookout area with a massive view of Sydney Harbour. A change of outfit was all I did and that made this post possible. That explains why I was using the same bag consecutively haha. Next time, I should bring a wider wardrobe selection.

Shout out to this little boy who appears every now and then in my blog and Instagram. He’s turning 3 this week, yay!

Mother and son blog
Birthday boy

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.

Outfit Details:

Hoodie from Missguided
Skinny jeans from Riders by Lee

Bag from Celine
Sneakers from Ego

Sunglasses from Nora NYC use code NewShades to get 10% discount