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where to have high tea in sydney

I’m taking a break from my summer outdoor posts as maybe I’m flooding my readers with summer adventures when some of you are stuck in the cold. But I shall be back with it soon, for the meantime let me babble about the High Tea experience I had with my aunties.

High Tea Sydney What to eat in High Tea High Tea company

I find it exquisite at the same time relaxing to catch up with friends or relatives over a High Tea. There is always that air of camaraderie when women gather and just talk about almost any mundane thing in the world. I love that you can stay as much as you like in the restaurant while indulging in this kind of food. Because the menu is already set unless it’s a buffet kind, you can be guilt-free eating the small portions of savoury and sweet treats. It’s my second time to have a high tea in this hotel, click here for the first one, it’s always my favourite as it’s in the centre of Sydney. The people I brought here will go shopping afterwards to burn off the calories we had.

What to wear in High Tea

 As for my outfit, I must love the scallop trend as both my dress and shoes have scallop edges. I got this dress from Macy’s Los Angeles, I found this really cute when I first saw it. Love the soft blush colour and of course the girly style.

Happy International Women’s Day, cheers to all women!!!

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Outfit Details:

Lace dress from Macy’s City Studios
Shoes from Macy’s Style & Co
Bag from Chanel similar
Accessories from Michael Kors