How to set-up a Picnic?

how to set-up a picnic

Now that both ends of the world have a moderate and tolerable weather, hello Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn where I am down under, we can all agree to give ourselves a break and breathe a fresh air. It’s about time to go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature, God’s wonderful creation. And what better way than to plan and enjoy a picnic, do a little extra and make it a picnic with style.

Foods to bring in a icnic

Every summer my family always goes out for a picnic and why not, it’s the best way to bond (I have quite a big family), let the tots run around while the adults talk and eat endlessly. So I gathered tips to make the most of it and enjoy the day outdoors.

1) Find a spot with a view, a shade and close to on-site amenities. This is really important for me since I have kids and my mum cannot walk far so I have to consider the proximity of the picnic area to the toilets. Much better if there is a playground nearby and cafes too for the fussy people who prefer hot food like my boys.

Where to have a picnic

2) Prepare food and drinks. Finger foods are the most convenient to serve and eat but you can be also creative as long as it won’t make too much mess when packing up at home and when leaving the picnic grounds. Ideal food would be sandwiches, pies, hotdogs, cookies, fruits and veggies.

Foods to bring in a icnic Drinks to bring in a picnic

3) Dress comfortably. Since you’ll be sitting on the ground more unless you’ll find benches or bring your own folding chairs it would be suitable to wear comfortable clothing. For me, I will incorporate comfort and style for my OOTD shots. I rarely wear thongs when I go outside the house but when my thongs match my bag and hat then why not.

What to wear in the picnicHow to dress comfortably for a picnic

4) Think of activities to do. There are a lot of fun things to do like playing ball games, throwing a boomerang or even just chatting and catching up stories with each other. As for my toddler, his eyes light up when he sees a playground, it’s a major treat for him. And as for my husband, he always looks for an opportunity to go fishing whenever he can.

Playground in SydneyWhere to go fishing in Sydney

5) Consider the weather when planning for a picnic day. My niece and I headed to the beach after we had lunch but it was deserted because of the strong winds. I should have looked at the wind situation when I was checking the weather forecast not only the temperature and the chance of rain. Seriously, it was the first time I experienced how it is being hit by a sandstorm in my bare skin. It was like a giant sandpaper slapping my whole body, trust me it was such an unpleasant feeling. It’s the first time for me too to see a deserted beach in the middle of the day.

Activities during picnic Time to go to picnic Deserted beach

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