Fun Ways to Celebrate your Birthday

Afternoon tea party

  It was my birthday on the last day of January and while I don’t really celebrate it grandly, I want to have a cake and make a wish right on that day. If it falls on a weekend then it’s only a one off celebration but if on a weekday then it can go for a number of days depending who can make it at certain times.

It’s not every year that I got lucky and have 3 celebrations, this year was quite different as I got to spread out my special day a little bit. I’m not suggesting to do all these on every birthday you have but rather showing you fun ways to celebrate it.

1. Afternoon Tea

This is how we do afternoon tea these days, Japanese style with loads of cushions and wooden crates. Because it’s an afternoon tea, cakes and donuts will do. There should’ve been macaroons and muffins too but hey my niece was so sweet and very creative to set this all up, I was so lucky I couldn’t complain. I was struck how pretty and fun it was, not much food just lots of pictures 🙂 So that was my pre-birthday moment.

2. Home cooked Dinner

My birthday fell on Thursday this year and because I had heaps of vacation leave that I should use (which reminds me I should book a holiday soon) I didn’t go to work and opted to stay at home. Thus, giving me time to whip up my recipes and make dinner for everyone. Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of what I prepared but only when it was cake time. The cake was store bought because it was too much for me to bake one too. Plus, I really wanted to get one from this famous patisserie in the city, I got this Orange cake with Persian figs from Black Star Pastry.

3. Brunch at the cutest café in town

It’s all about pretty looking food when we go out to cafes these days, you can admit it now too. Maybe it’s for the ‘gram but I think it’s also for the fun indulging on yummy food in the cutest ambiance. I can really do that anytime I want but when I bring my mum and my boys it’s a whole lot of fun and worth doing on special occasion, alright, my special occasion. My boys think a café with flowers in every wall and ceiling is too girly for them but they do give me a chance when it’s my birthday. And no, they’re not allowed to complain. So yes, I can be a happy girl in my little corner.

4. Picnic by the beach

I didn’t do it this year but I had a blast in the beach last year as seen on my previous post.

So if you’re not into a big glitzy birthday parties like me, fun celebrations like these with family and friends can easily be done. You just have to go out your way a little bit, trust me your older self will thank you later for making memories and celebrating another year of your existence.

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