How to Celebrate your Birthday

How to celebrate your birthday

Birthdays can be a joyous occasion or a daunting one, depending who am I talking to. As for my kids, they always look forward to their birthdays thinking of the possible presents they can get. For adults, most of us can’t be bothered anymore as it would only mean another year of being older.

But hey, it’s a celebration of life. We don’t have to go to extra lengths to celebrate it. We can go to our favourite place, do something new or whip up a recipe in our kitchen and invite those important people in our lives. Do something fun, all I know birthdays aren’t birthdays without food and family/friends.

Rightfully so, it was my birthday last week and I had the whole weekend to celebrate it. I’m sharing here simple ways that I found were extremely fun.

Put up a picnic in the park

I know, I’m a picnic lover, in fact, my whole family is. As soon as warm season begins picnic is in our agenda. Preparing for a picnic is not hard, plan it on a nice day (hello weather app), think of easy food to bring from home and consider outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Most of the fruits I brought were from our garden and I baked these choc chip cookies and muffins.

What to do on your birthday

Hit the beach

Depending on what season your birthday falls and where you are in the world but the beach is always a good idea (only next to Paris!). I’m lucky, my birthday falls in summer in Australia and yea baby, the beach is an awesome idea. I would cry if summer passes by and I haven’t been to the beach ever since I discovered that boogie boarding is loads of fun.

Go to a festival

Food, music or dance fest, whatever is your call. But for me, food festival is way better as I don’t have to bring my own food for sure. We went to a food truck festival in October as part of birthday celebration of most of my family members. Discovering new food is so much fun, my boys couldn’t agree enough.

Serve your best recipe

Nothing beats homemade cooking and making your best dish and cake for your birthday might be over the top but is very thoughtful and rewarding. I always like doing it even though I should rest on my day and let other people serve me. But then again it doesn’t happen often and I feel happy to see everyone enjoyed my gastronomic creations. If you’ve tried my carrot cake, you’ll be asking for more 🙂

So how do you celebrate your birthday?

birthday girl

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