The Attractions of the Great Ocean Road – Part 2

London Bridge great ocean road review

It was our third day exploring the Great Ocean Road and while the weather was perfect on our first and second day, the third day was a complete turn-around. On our second night while staying at Port Campbell, the weather turned sour that there was no mobile signal and worst no Wi-Fi much to my boys’ dismay. We slept through the storm hoping it will clear the next day.

London Bridge Arch ocean road review

We got up early to continue our GOR adventure, next attraction in the list was the London Arch. It was called London Bridge previously as it resembled the namesake before the middle portion crashed in 1990 with a thrilling story here. Out of the 4 days travelling this was the only day where I planned to wear a dress and turned out it was a bad planning as this was the day when I needed to wear jeans the most.

London Arch blog

It was so cold and windy that we couldn’t even feel our hands. We were wondering whether or not to proceed with our itinerary for the day and we had to as we were around the area already. After so much hair flying on my part, we managed to snap considerable amount of photos and videos. In fairness, this attraction was worth the pain as the arch looked magnificent and we can’t tell how long would the remaining rock stand there as the wild waves eroded more and more of it.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Another attraction that was also photogenic was The Arch (pictured below). It’s not as impressive as the others but it’s a nice little stop with a very easy parking.

The Arch in great ocean road review

Next to the London Arch was the amazing rock formation called The Grotto (below). I was prepared to walk down the wooden staircase for a close up view and fun photos but the wind gust didn’t allow us.

The Grotto Close Up near Peterborough on Great Ocean Road, Australia

Lastly, who can miss The Twelve Apostles, it is the main attraction of the Great Ocean Road. You can skip the others but never this one that’s why we braved the stormy weather conditions and walked the long path from the parking to the lookout. The weather was deteriorating when we’re on our way to the lookout.

What to do in the Great Ocean Road

I was awestruck when I saw the Twelve Apostles, it’s beyond description, it’s years and years of God’s work in display. However, I think it was only 5 seconds when I saw it IRL as I quickly turned to my boys to take photos of me. The hail started falling and there was no other thing to do but run and look for shelter. We took refuge under the tall plants but it wasn’t enough and looked like the hailstorm wouldn’t stop.

The 12 Apostles in Great Ocean Road review The 12 Apostles in Great Ocean Road, Australia

So we continued running back farther away from the scenery, the whole ordeal albeit hilarious was really disappointing. We were soaked when we went back to the car and we didn’t even take a family photo together. Not good at all but perhaps another reason to come back.

Since leopard print is still a big thing at the moment, I wore a matching coat and boots. Too bad, I was still feeling cold even after this layering but you couldn’t tell I supposed 🙂

The Twelve Apostles story The Twelve Apostles adventure

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