Red and Pink Outfit

Red and Pink outfit

I know, I’m such a red and pink avid wearer judging from my previous posts just because I find this colour combination feminine and refreshing. And now I’m taking this look to work which is a corporate environment except that I wear heels and with an addition of a plaid jacket.

My friend and I went out for late lunch and coffee one day after work so I shifted into flats for me to be able to walk as much as I had to. It’s my first time to go up Sydney Observatory which showed a different angle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

To be able to see this part of Sydney be prepared to climb up a series of stairs but once you’re at the top I assure you the view is so worth it.

We stayed a little bit longer ’til it’s almost sunset and believe me the view was even more breathtaking.

Bonus picture: This is our shower room at work, isn’t it neat?

shower room goals

And back to my outfit, I used to shy away from this combination as it was considered a fashion faux pas. But because pink is the same hue as red with less opacity so they don’t really clash.

How about you, are you into red and pink combo?

sydney Observatory review

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