Animal Print Dress and Flower Shop

Animal Print dress

Who wants to visit flower shops, raise their hands! I am a sucker for flowers and if visiting gardens requires a lot of time then I opt dropping by the florist any given day. Sometimes it’s embarrassing not to buy anything so I’ll just settle to ogle at my most favourite blooms really quietly.

Flower shop blog

We found this cutesy flower shop by accident after visiting a shopping centre eating crepes and drinking bubble teas. It was nestled in the corner just in front of the playground where my little boy was playing. My niece went inside and I followed, I saw beautiful bunches of familiar and not so familiar flowers.

Zebra Print dress

My niece was admiring the cotton bouquet with stems and leaves which were naturally dried while I was fixated with the little shop itself. How everything looked so pretty, the floral arrangements, the wooden vintage furniture and the pretend window arches.

Cotton bouquet

I told her to take photos of me but then we had to look for something we can buy. So these snaps were not meant to be put in the blog but I find it a waste to select just a few for Instagram. And so I’m sharing them all here with you.

I was wearing this knitted pink zebra print dress that was a H&M x Kenzo collab collection sometime ago. I guess, you can’t really go wrong with animal print as it is still a trend these days. I just like it because it’s pink and the crochet pattern in the bottom part is outstanding.

Do you like going to flower shops?

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Zebra print dress from H&M
Gold flats similar
Bag from Celine
Woven bracelet and charms from Pandora