Ways to wear Leather Jacket

Time Square NYC

If there’s one piece of clothing that is always present in my wardrobe, it is the leather jacket. This jacket is a staple and has evolved into many different styles conforming to the trends of time. I have infact owned several of them (albeit mostly faux leather); with embroidery, with studs and of course the classic style. So here are the ways I wore and paired them with.

With Leather Pants

Leather on leather made me look badass but hey I was in Time Square where I can wear anything unapologetically, am I right?

How to wear leather jacket

With Mini Skirt

In this case, it’s a tweed mini skirt which I paired with ankle boots, I have to say it made me feel so young and hip. We all feel that sometimes, thanks to this moto jacket and mini skirt combo.

Leather jacket and mini skirt

With Jeans

I tried to swerve away from the classic blue jeans recently, hence, I wore a coloured pair here in the most feminine colour. I guess pink jeans were the perfect match because of the pink embroidery in the jacket.

Moto jacket and jeans

With a dress and combat shoes

This is the most exciting combination I’ve done with a biker jacket. The look is edgy, fun and comfortable. These are my most recent photos too where I was prancing around the coolest parts of Sydney guiding my visiting relatives from overseas.

Leather jacket with dress

I find leather jacket my go-to outfit when the weather turns cool, it’s such a versatile kind of outerwear. What about you, how do you wear your leather jacket?

how to wear biker jacket

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