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Instagram removing likes review

When I was scrolling Instagram yesterday, I noticed straight away an important feature that was non-existing suddenly. Turned out to be the platform is testing the removal of likes in select countries such as Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. It was initially rolled out in Canada on May for which Instagram was hoping the change will restore focus to the images being shared and not their perceived popularity.

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I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with IG. While I can find inspiration about almost anything which what I love about it, I hate to say it’s also giving me pressure to post epic photos that I’m hoping will fetch massive likes. A research from UK’s Royal Society for Public Health, it revealed that Instagram is the most damaging social media platform for mental health in users aged 14-24. It is perceived that it has caused low self-esteem to young users who view Instagram likes as the measure of success and popularity. As a mother of teenagers, I don’t want that to be the cause of anxiety to them, and I’m super thankful that they are not into social media at all.

In case you want to see how IG looks like from Aussie users, here is my post where the number of likes don’t show although the followers and comments still do. This trial is now fetching mix reactions and why wouldn’t it be. While it relieves the pressure to some users, it’s a huge setback to the influencers who depend on the likes to pick up lucrative deals.

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So what’s my personal view on this, you ask. Although I use Instagram as an extension of my blog to express more creativity, I am not really affected with this change. But I am glad that the social media giant is doing something that might improve the mental health of young users. And if ever this change will be implemented to all countries and would be permanent, only time can tell what will the effects be good and bad to all users.

How about you, how would you welcome this change in your Instagram account, with a happy or a heavy heart?

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