The New Normal Attitude

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It’s that time of the year when the pink flowers start to bloom one after the other. When I see the Magnolia trees blossoming around my neighbourhood in the middle of winter, no matter how much I hate the cold, I can sense joy and hope beaming around somewhere. I used to come in this corner of the road to snap photos, maybe the owner of this house have recognised me already. The previous years I came here wearing jackets and hoodies but this time I dropped-in wearing a print tee and cargo pants something that is completely new for me. Nevertheless, I thought I looked fine, knowing print tees are all in rage these days. And cargo pants are the comfiest and have matched completely with my bag and boots.

Even though nature has continued its life cycle yet our lives have been disrupted and completely overturned. The new normal has sunk in and is now part of our daily whether we like it or not. But we have to embrace it for us to survive, the common problem these days is that we are in a hurry to go back to the lifestyles we used to have which aren’t existing anymore. Although that was only circa January 2020 but it seems so long ago already, so much have changed. Whether the vaccine is available or not, it is imperative for us to acquire these new normal attitude.

Be adaptable and flexible

Whatever it is you’re doing, conform to rules and adhere to new policies. It makes life easier and promotes peace and harmony. If wearing a mask when going out is a requirement, wear that mask. In Sydney where I live, it’s not required to wear one but social distancing is strictly observed. Same thing in the workplace, be adaptable to whatever is required to be productive. Don’t say no when you’re assigned to do a different task which you normally thought is not part of your job. If it is needed to stay afloat for you and the organisation, grab it with both hands. You never know, that new skill would save your career and make you stay relevant. It happened to me, all I can say is opportunities come in different shapes and sizes.

Be a quick learner

Trash the old saying “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. I’m not sure how old is old for anybody to acquire new skills but there is also a saying “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. In difficult times like these where economy is terrible we have to reinvent ourselves and try to learn new concepts and trades. If the new job demands for you to be tech savvy, help yourself to be one. Or if it requires people skills, hone your personality to exude your inner warmth towards others. There is nothing to lose when we try to improve ourselves, it will only add self-confidence and self-worth.

Grow your network

Networking is ever-present and is essential to businesses and individuals. Social media plays an important role to grow a business after all the end consumers are the users of social media. Professional networking is incredibly important during a job search as it gives insights about trends and serves as an insider informant on job openings. A recent study shows that as many as 85% of jobs go unadvertised, it seems networking really is an integral part of career progression.

How do you keep up with your work’s demands these days? Any major set-up?

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