Why Australia is your next Holiday Destination

Where to go in Australia

I think this is the longest time that the world has stood still where countries closed their borders for international visitors. But this action is necessary to heal our land and the people, and for the ailing economy to bounce back again. It is also the best way for recovery so that we can showcase what our country has to offer for travellers from near and far. We cannot wait for that time to come but for now, I can tell you why Australia is your next holiday destination.

Beautiful coastline and beaches

Given that Australia has gobsmacking beautiful coastlines, the beaches have followed through. I like that there are beaches for surfing and rigorous swimming and there are also calm ones which are safe for children. Most beaches have rockpools next to it which we normally go for a dip after enjoying the waves and sand. Last December we went to Newcastle, we visited the Bogey Hole and swam in Newcastle Ocean Baths.

Rich in history and culture

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world that ranked at number six by the area covered. Despite its massive size, the population is only around 25 million in which most Australians live on the coastline. Australia has unique plant and animal species where more than 80% of which cannot be found anywhere else. Hence, our varied fauna and flora have shaped the kind of lifestyle that we live in. There’s a lot to discover in this country so make sure to visit museums and galleries on your next trip down under. On our last day in Newcastle, we took the boys to Fort Scratchley Museum for a quick visit but they didn’t want to leave, there was so much to see including a tunnel tour. The location has breathtaking views of the Nobbys Beach, Nobbys Lighthouse, and the Breakwall.

Vibrant food scene and coffee culture

Because of diversity, the Australian food scene is exciting, cultural and vibrant. The diverse cuisines make our gastronomy not boring nor bland. Not to mention our coffee culture is one of the most advanced in the world. It’s said that 95% of the cafés throughout Australia are independently owned which means almost every café looks different and that is why there are not many Starbucks found here. The coffee itself is top-notch, the Aussie flat-white is known internationally, be sure to get one.

Wonderful scenery

This country doesn’t run out of wonderful scenery from the natural rock formations to the dreamy looking lighthouse, it’s got it all. On our last full day in Newcastle we got the chance to see the Nobbys Lighthouse and walk in the 3km (return) long Nobbys Breakwall. It was interesting to find my little boy not complaining about the long walk, probably because there were plenty of stops for an exciting photo opportunity. When we reached the tip of the breakwall we had to leap for joy since it was an accomplishment for us. My boy asked me if it is the tip of Australia 🙂 On the way back, it was sunset which made this lighthouse scenery even more breathtaking.

Have you been to Australia? Where is your next holiday destination going to be?

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