How to Lose Weight during Lockdown

How to lose weight during lockdown

Maybe you think I don’t need to lose weight but I have to be honest that I really gained weight during this winter. While staying at home is very much recommended and I love to work from home but it also made me a bit lax to maintain my ideal weight. Plus, I picked a bodycon dress from Femme Luxe that I need to wear and review. These tips are tried and tested and these are what I really did which I even filmed and posted in my YouTube channel. However, I would like to mention that healthy eating especially in these troubled times is not only for losing weight and looking good but it should be an overall life goal. It is important to stay fit and healthy the more these days, so here are the safe ways to lose weight during lockdown.

Eat in small portions

This tip is the main winner for me, I find that no matter how much I exercise or work-out if I eat mindlessly I will never lose weight. The pictures below were taken a day before I started my diet. For the whole winter and up to that day I was binged eating especially when I go to my sister’s house. She has the yummiest Asian cooking, even if there are fruits and veggies involved but if I eat a lot it still can attribute to weight gain.

Lockdown weight gain

Drink plenty of water

There’s something in the water that would deceive you from eating a lot especially if you drink before you eat. In my video, I was drinking alkaline water since we have it and for its overall health benefits not really because it can aid to weight loss. But clean water in general is a natural appetite suppressant and it can reduce liquid calorie intake. Because of it, you have no desire to drink soda, juice or any other sweet drinks which can add liquid calories.

Stay active

If you can’t walk outside then use your threadmill, crosstrainer or even a skipping rope. If you don’t have them, you can opt for a hula hoop or floor mat activities. Don’t under estimate the power of few-minute activities, 6 minutes in crosstrainer can burn off 1 cup of strawberries and 30 minutes hula hooping is equivalent to 1 original glazed donut.

Don’t be too harsh, reward yourself every now and then

I still do eat dessert for my afternoon tea but in small portion and this makes me not crave for unhealthy and more sugary food. To be honest, I feel miserable if I can’t eat sweet that’s why I have my dark chocolates with nuts in handy.

Don’t skip meals

This is very important for me as I am working from home. Skipping meals is a no-no if I want to be able to concentrate and work properly. I don’t want to just delve my head deep into work without putting fuel first. It only makes me eat more in one sitting and wrecking my metabolism. As you can see, I even ate 3-4 times a day in my thumbnail. So please watch if you are interested, thanks much! You may turn up the volume.

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