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Are you a plant mom/dad yet? Because of the long period of lockdown the plant craze has evolved this year. Maybe it’s a trend just like fashion but hopefully it will be here to stay and become part of our lives not just a passing trend. These greeneries are not material things, they are living things that need care and attention. So I joined the bandwagon of plant moms not because I was bored and was looking for something new to collect.

Indoor plant shopping

I actually bought my first 2 indoor plants in March this year before lockdown started as I featured in my previous post. It was just in time for the home quarantine phase I guess. The 2 plants that I bought were Maggie Homalomena and Monstera Deliciosa (shown above). Had I known that plant craze will be happening I would have looked for the most sought after variegated Monstera Deliciosa. Do you know how much this plant cost these days? If you can find them in a reasonable price you are extremely lucky.

I actually didn’t plan going back to Bunnings nursery where we bought it but when one of my old friends commented about my monstera looking beautiful (shown in my Instagram) and that how lucky I am to have it, I suddenly got curious on what’s happening in the world of plants. I saw how these plant moms and plant dads have surfaced and plant sellers taking advantage of selling baby plants in ridiculous amount. I’m happy that this is not happening where I am but in some other parts of the world it is a reality.

So my boys and I went to Bunnings again not just once but 3 times. I got smitten by the cute looking philodendrons, alocasia, fiddle leaf fig and rubber trees. And yes, I got another deliciosa, so can you spot my 2 monstera deliciosas in the picture below? Hence, the reason of my absence in this blog, I want to take care of these babies as they are not just another content material for me to blog or vlog about. I recently got the shelf and pots that I ordered online and was busy organising them. I’m still waiting for the other shelf so I can showcase them on my next post.

So have you gone shopping for plants or did you already have ones? What kind of plants do you have? Please watch my plant shopping videos in my YouTube channel and witness how fun it is to shop for plants and you also get to see what I bought each time.

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.