Things to do when you’re stuck at home

What to do when stuck at home

A few weeks ago, I wrote about things to do outdoors but here I am posting the opposite. Truly 2020 is an unprecedented year, something that most of us haven’t experienced before. Apparently, the best way to combat Covid-19 is to be isolated from the rest of the world. Obviously, staying at home is the best option and it doesn’t have to be the most unexciting place to be. There are heaps to do, if this virus has given us time, time for ourselves and for our family then let’s make the most of it. Do things that you’ve been wanting to do and in case you need more ideas I’m sharing more fun things when you find yourself stuck at home.

Spruce up your home 

Aside from spring/autumn cleaning you can spruce up living rooms by changing throw pillows and adding indoor plants. No such thing as indoor plants actually but there are types of plants that are more tolerant of unnatural conditions like limited light, still air and irregular watering. Luckily, these plants aren’t only Instagrammable but also aid to air purification. See how these greens give a different vibe in my red lounge now as compared previously. Before you say something, I don’t plan to leave these plants in the jar as it’s dangerous to be tipped over especially by little kids. I just got these from my sis who is I think a plant whisperer. Currently, I’m looking for pots that I can transfer them to.


Practice/hone your baking skills

Baking might be tedious to some but it is relaxing to others depending how long you’ve been doing it. The more you’re at it the easier it goes as you don’t have to look at the recipe anymore which actually drags your time in the kitchen. I am the happiest when baking as the aroma fills the entire house and everyone is rewarded with a fresh homemade bread/cake/cookies. I tell you, my banana bread with walnut and dark chocolate is always a sell-out.


Catch up online

Now it’s the time to reply to an old friend who emailed awhile back. Clear your inbox, catch up with your online community, check the news or heck start your blog/You Tube channel. For me, I’ve been wanting to clear my Pictures folder, maybe it’s time to sort my million photos, delete the double ups and resize them all.

Tend your garden or start one

It’s never too late to start a garden and if there is no space for a patch outside then put it in pots. I should admit that it’s hubby who has the green thumb and he knows what he’s doing so all I do is take pictures and eat the produce. This activity is inexpensive and organic so grow your garden now. Start with spinach, chili, herbs like parsley, thyme and oregano then step up to citrus plants like lemon, lime and kumquat (kalamansi).


Stay fit

Don’t forget to exercise! It’s not because we can’t go to the gym nor run around the block we forget to be physically active. Grab your mat and do sit up on the floor or start walking in the treadmill/cross trainer if you’ve got one. The best thing we can do to ourselves now is to stay fit so we have more resistance to infection.

There are other fun things to do at home like reading those books you bought before life got busy, watching new releases of Netflix, clearing your wardrobe which is actually therapeutic. Then there’s also praying and meditation, I’d say this is one thing I earnestly do, with so much uncertainties going on seeking God’s protection is my fervent prayer. 

How are you going at your end? What are you doing when stuck at home?

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‘Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.’ – Psalm 91:1